Owner of Chuck's Technology Services, Charles Shreve

Chuck's Technology Services is currently owned and operated by Charles Shreve.  Charles started in the technology field early on while in middle school.  Charles would help the teachers and technology coordinator with setups and security.  Charles has had a love for technology for years and loves to share that with other people.  Charles has worked with IT since 1996 and continues to learn and grow his knowledge base to help others.  

After high school, Charles moved to Arizona, where he attended Collins College.  Charles graduated at the top of his class earning his Associates in Occupational Studies in Personal Computer and Network Technology in 2002.  He continued his education at the University of Phoenix, where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Information Technology in 2009 followed by his Masters of Business in Business Administration in 2011.  He currently holds a full time position as a System Analyst / Webmaster, works as a building representative for his church, holds the office of PTO president at his children's elementary school, and is currently continuing his education with a Masters of Business in Healthcare Administration.  

Charles has been married since 2004 to a beautiful and loving wife, and they have four children together.  Charles is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and is an Eagle Scout.  Charles noticed that the technology help was not around his home area like he felt it should be and started to help local residents and businesses with IT issues.  After a few years, some of the work Charles was doing, started to take on another life, and he opened Chuck's Technology Services in October of 2015.  Charles continues to grow his business to help more residents and businesses.  The mission of the company started out to help people and businesses locally, but has started to grow nationally.  

Owner's FamilyCharles’ experience started in middle school where he found that the school needed help working with the new Windows XP operating system.  The Information Technology (IT) personnel at the school did not understand the different types of user accounts or options that were available.  Charles took this opportunity by helping the media specialist and teaching the staff at the middle/high school basic computer principles.  He and other students participated in a new program called Project L.E.F.T, which stood for Learning Everything From Technology.  Charles would assist the county board office with technical duties and assisted with the first county website, high school website, and Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (JROTC) website.  Charles worked as a crew member and crew trainer at the local McDonald's up until he graduated high school.  While in college, Charles worked as a sales man, a waiter, and data entry specialist.  Charles moved back home where he started working at McDonald's again and moved up to a manager.  Realizing that there were other opportunities for him, he began his journey to try and find something that was more in his career path.  Charles picked up and moved to Ohio where he worked as a shipping sorter and later in sales.  He and his wife moved back to WV and he started at McDonald's again as a crew member, but quickly moved to working as a laborer with American Woodmark.  While working at American Woodmark, he made the choice to go back to school with The University of Phoenix.  He changed jobs again to work with a small computer firm as an IT technician, started working maintenance part time with McDonald's, and then changed jobs to his current employer still working as an IT technician until recently where his title was changed to system analyst / webmaster. 

Charles utilizes a range of skills including: Microsoft Windows operating systems; Microsoft Server operating systems; Microsoft Exchange; mobile operating systems to include Android and iOS; iMac systems; removal of viruses, adware, spyware, and malware; installation and configuration of networking hardware including switches and firewalls, wireless, and remote access; troubleshooting and fixing printer problems; software installation; hardware installation; and installation and setup of phone systems including Nortel, Cisco, Shoretel, and Cudatel.  Charles also understands how to write and understand SEQUEL / SQL reports and builds custom applications and websites.  Regardless of where Charles is working, he always manages to follow his passion and work with IT in some fashion.