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Truck crash
A three-vehicle accident on North Fork Highway that claimed the life of a woman from Cabins.

Three vehicle accidents claimed the lives of four local citizens in the Oakland, Md., Cabins and Moorefield areas last week.

The first was an incident on the morning of Oct. 7, in which Mount Storm resident Ryan Lee Uphold passed away following a single-vehicle accident.

Wee woo

Receives update from chief financial officer on Grant County’s financial status and outlook

During their regularly scheduled Grant County Commission meeting, commissioners Phyllis Cole, Doug Swick and Jeff Berg were addressed by a citizen concerning the local ambulance services and heard an update on the financial status from the county’s chief financial officer.

Jill Long, a Grant County resident, addressed the commission on two topics, the first being on an incident with an anonymous patient at Grant Memorial Hospital.

The Most Scientific Person I Know
EDUCATORS - Grant County’s teacher of the year, Shannon Earle, a special education teacher at Petersburg High School, was recognized by the West Virginia State Board of Education during their meeting last week.

Last week, members from the West Virginia State Board of Education traveled to Grant County for their October regularly scheduled meeting.

During the meeting, the board honored local attorney James Paul Geary, who served on the state board in the 1970s. Geary spoke on the changes he has seen in state education, saying he supported the steps being taken by the current board.

Also during the meeting, the board was addressed by Grant County superintendent Doug Lambert, who talked about changes made since the state board’s previous visit to the county.

mountain industry
Tammy Kitzmiller of GCDA and Shawn Bender of Beitzel Corporation.

The Grant County Development Authority announced Thursday that the county will be welcoming Beitzel Corporation to the Mountain Top Industrial Park near Mount Storm.

Founded in 1974, Beitzel Corporation is an industrial construction and service company with over 44 years of operation in the energy, mining, industrial construction and aggregate industries.

Unconscious drug fiend

A Pendleton County man was arrested on Oct. 7 in Petersburg on multiple drug and traffic charges. 

The arrest occurred following a welfare check at the Sheetz parking lot in Petersburg.

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