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Lauren Alt goes in for a bunt in the PHS game against Allegany County.

The Petersburg High School Lady Vikings lost their third game of the season last week to Allegany High School.

The Vikings went into the game down their two lead pitchers, who were unable to pitch due to injuries.

Despite their pitcher change, the Lady Viking that took the position put in a strong showing her first time on the varsity mound.

The team held the game 1-1 for the first two innings but struggled after Allegany High picked up a triple.

The team ulitmately lost the game 6-1.

The Vikings are now set to face Weir High School in Weir tonight for the first regional championship game of their season.

After picking up a win in their first sectional game of the season, the Vikings fell to the Frankfort Falcons, 15-1.

In their first sectional game the Vikings beat Berkeley Springs 5-4 despite the rainy weather.

For their sectional competition, the Vikings are set up with a 1-1 record and played their third sectional game against Keyser High School yesterday evening.

Overall, the season has carried a 19-7 record, including their sectional scores.

PHS Trackman
Boys 4x100m relay at Keyser. Seth Williams handing off to Doug Morral.

As both the Tigers and the Vikings finish their regional track competition, 11 Grant County students qualified to compete in this weekend’s state track tournament in Charleston.

From Union High School, Lexi Sirk, a senior, qualified in three events. Sirk will be running in the 100, 200 and 400 meter races. Petersburg High School will be sending 10 students (including two relay teams) to the Charleston competition.

Relay teams from PHS include the girls’ shuttle relay team: Jalyn Western, Reece Hedrick, Allie Harman and Raven Hedrick; and the boys’ 4x100 and 4x200 team: Zack Rohrbaugh, Seth Williams, Doug Morral and Zach Wampler.

Wampler will also be competing in the 100 meter dash.

Also state-bound for the Vikings is Destiny Helmick in the high jump.

To grab their qualification, these athletes had to place in the top three in their region and then the state selected the next best four times across the state to get 16 individuals per event.

PHS also had several students earn All-PVC Track and Field titles. All-PVC track athletes from PHS were Re. Hedrick in the 100 meter high hurdles, Western, Re. Hedrick, Harman and Ra. Hedrick in the girls’ shuttle hurdle relay, Wampler in the 100 meter dash and Rohrbaugh, Kason Rogers, Jacob Cruz Perez and Wampler in the boys’ shuttle hurdle relay.

PHS’ qualification came after a run of wins for the school, including a first place score for the Lady Vikings in their May 3 meet.

Teams that competed in the May 3 event were East Hardy High School, Moorefield High, Pendleton County, UHS and Lighthouse Christian Academy.

The Viking boys also put in a strong showing in the event, placing third.

Top placers at the meet were in the individual girls’ competition were: Jessie Canoy, who finished 2nd in the 100 and 200 meter dashes, Taylor Grago, finishing 2nd in 400 meter, Re. Hedrick, picking up first place in the 100 hurdles and 2nd in shot-put, Samantha Kisamore, who won first in the 300 hurdles, Sierra Arbaugh, second in the 300 hurdles and second in the long jump, Ra. Hedrick picked up first in the shot-put and Western won second in the high jump.

In team girls’ events, PHS winners were: Harman, Western, Re. Hedrick, and Canoy placed first in the girls’ 4x100; Harman, Western, Canoy and Grago finished first in the girls’ 4x200 and Western, Re. Hedrick and Ra. Hedrick places first in the girls’ shuttles.

Winners in the boys’ individual events were: Wampler, who finished first in the 100 meter dash, Rohrbaugh, finishing second in the 100 meter, McCoy Fitzwater finished first in the in 800 meter, Perez finished second in the long jump, Taylor Kirby placed second in discus and Jacob Hawk, who finished second in the 800 meter.

In boys’ team events the Vikings Rohrbaugh, Williams, Morral and Wampler finished first and in both the 4x100 and 4x200 events.

In their next event on May 5, the Lady Vikings finished fifth and the Vikings finished seventh.

Teams that participated in the meet were Keyser High School, Frankfort, Southern Garrett, Hampshire High, Musselman, Fort Hill, Allegany County and Moorefield High School.

Top placers in the individual events were: Canoy, who finished third in the 100 meter, Western, who came in third in the high jump, Wampler, who finished second in the 100 meter, and Rohrbaugh, who finished third in the 100 meter.

Top placers in the team events were the girls’ shuttle team (Western, Re. Hedrick, Harman and Ra. Hedrick) who finished second and the boys’ shuttle team (Rohrbaugh, Rogers, Cruz and Wampler.

Isaac Cardot signing.
SIGNING - Richie, Isaac and Aimee Cardot with Petersburg High athletic director Matt Altabello, PHS principal Avery Anderson and Viking band director Bob Myers.

Last week, Petersburg High School senior Isaac Cardot signed to attend West Liberty University this fall.

Cardot will be attending the school, in part, on a music (vocal) scholarship. He was awarded the scholarship through the school’s department of music and theater.

Cardot was also the recipient of the nationally recognized Patrick S. Gilmore music award.

He is the son of Aimee and Rich Cardot. He was joined by his brother, Richie Cardot, at the signing.

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